Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ladies & Jebs: You Sexy Beast!

Here's the start of something beautiful! Ladies & Jebs is back, and what better time than Women's History Month? So pull up a chair this month as we toss up some art dedicated to all the ladies!

This print may look familiar to a few of you. I was recently part of a Bigfoot art show in Tulsa, OK, and this screen print was one of two pieces in the show. This print is dedicated to all the sexy beasts out there, and the wild animals who love them.

Happy Ladies & Jebs! We hope you enjoy! (Please send all complaints to

Friday, October 31, 2014

Swing You Jebbers!

Today's the day, you Halloweeners!

As a celebration of this spooOOooky day, I've got a treat for you! You may have noticed by now that I post this video every Halloween. I'm a swamp creature of habit, so here it is again! One of my all-time favorite animations, and a perfect beginning to whatever weird plans you've got for tonight.

Swing You Sinners! by Fleischer Studios

A seriously mind-blowing animation from 1930, from the same peeps that brought us Bimbo, Betty Boop, and Koko the Clown. On top of being impressive, it's also a ton of fun! - Kyle B

Month O' Monsters IV: Lake Creeper

Residents of the lake area tell rumors of a strange creature dwelling in the blackest, deepest depths of the water. It reportedly only surfaces a few nights a year (usually on a full moon) - driven by an insatiable desire to touch human flesh. Multiple campers have reported being awoken in the middle of the night by the feeling of a soft, wet hand slowly caressing their arm or leg- followed by a loud splash as the fiend quickly retreats into the inky water. Whether the creature's intentions are purely driven by curiosity or something much darker... none can say for sure, as its ultimate goal has not yet become clear.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Month of Monsters IV: Sasquatch Sighting

Hey, y'alls! Here's a little something I have been working on.

Decided to take some time out recently to start getting a basic understanding of some very basic animation. I'm really just wanting to know enough to be able to do little gags and goofs here and there, and also to be able to work with animators in the future without sounding like a total doofus!

This one is something I've been working on here and there over this month. I may end up throwing more into it, or move on to a new project to learn more. I'm posting this one as a video for size reasons, but I've made it as a continuous loop in another format to go on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever, (if I wanted it to).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Month O' Monsters IV: Nagini

"I think he is perhaps as fond of her as he can be of anything. He certainly likes to keep her close and has an unusual amount of control over her, even for a Parselmouth."


Monday, October 20, 2014

Month of Monsters IV: Clown Brown

Whelp! We are officially past the halfway point of this year's Month of Monsters! There's no turning back now. Here's #3 in my series of spooky cereals for your hungry inner child.

Fair Warning: This could be the scariest post so far...

-Kyle B

Monday, October 13, 2014

Month of Monsters IV : Canni-Bowls

Well, here we are again! Today I'm bringing you a brand new addition to my spooky cereal series. 
I hope Mikey likes it!


(The timing for this one worked out perfectly with the season premiere of The Walking Dead last night. Anyone watch that? Super gross.)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Month O' Monsters IV: Guest Art!

Today we have a very special guest post from my little sister, Jenna Flack! Jenna is a very talented illustrator currently studying Illustration and Graphic Design and John Brown University.

You can follow her on Tumblr or Twitter if you want to!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Month O' Monsters IV: Night of the Livid Dead


"Hey, we're not happy about this either," says "Gary M" , who has emerged as spokesman for the newly risen mob of ravenous undead, "Do you think it's fun shambling around eating brains all the time? It's a nightmare. Brains are gross."
While most would assume that an undead uprising is a calculated attempt at revenge by our dearly departed, speaking with the risen themselves reveals quite the opposite- as this quote from outspoken zombie Gary illustrates:
"One minute i'm enjoying myself in the afterlife, and the next thing I know i'm stumbling around this place gobbling up brains like some sort of lunatic. I'm as shocked as anybody."
When asked if it was absolutely necessary that he and his fellow undead continue eating peoples brains, Gary firmly replied:
"Oh yes, definitely. The brain eating will for sure continue until we figure out what's going on. I'm really sorry, but we have a reputation to maintain here."

Monday, October 6, 2014

Month of Monsters IV : The Child Gobbler

It came from a wormhole the size of your thumb
With teeth sharp as knives and a craving for young
They hid all the children in shelters and barns
But no one could outfox The Child Gobbler's arms

Friday, October 3, 2014

Month of Monsters IV : Berry'd Alive!

Hey, pals! I've decided to run another, short little series for this year's Month of Monsters. This year I'll be posting my own set of spooky cereals! They're sure to make your taste buds dance, your eyeballs pop, and your livers quiver.

First up is a berry-flavored cereal that's to die for! (it had to be said, you guys)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Month Of Monsters IV : Sliiiiiiiiiiiiime Wizard!

Hello friends and welcome our FOURTH YEAR of Month O' Monsters -

My first piece is titled "Slime Wizard" and deals with a subject very close to my heart- and that subject is slime.

We have a lot of suuuuuuper cool monster illustrations coming your way this month, so get ready! Seriously. Prepare yourself. Take the necessary steps.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Month Of Monsters IV: PoJT Redroom p1

Woo first post. Man, I feel like I keep breaking the rules on these posts... This month I'm doing a short little comic for "The Possession of Jonah Turner" which I write with my brother. Also I'm planning to participate in Inktober where I'll be drawing some of the creatures / characters we've come up with for that world. So uhh, enjoy page one.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sup-tember #9 - The Tulsa Voice

So, for those of you who did not know, I live in Tulza, Okachome.

I've been doing some editorial work for a few different peeps. One of these is the Tulsa Voice. Here are two covers I recently did for them, along with a lil inside type to go with one of the articles.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sup-tember #8 - Oatley Academy: Some WIP's

Hello again everybody!

So I mentioned in my previous post that, over the summer, I attended Chris Oatley's Painting Drama course (and it was amazing). WELL. The artwork that I posted alongside that article was far from the only painting that I created while studying under Mr. Oatley: so I wanted to post one more update with a few of my Works In Progress.

Some character design and scene sketches for a story project that I'm still working on.

Some color roughs for my "Fancy Animals" project in the Magic Box painting course

Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my ever-growing stack of unfinished projects! Don't worry about these guys too much, once I finish up my paintings for Month O' Monsters they will get plenty of attention.